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NEW! Rechargeable Foldaway LED Work Light


The 10W LED Work Light with rechargeable battery is one of the most compact and lightweight on the market! With advanced structural design, all aluminium alloy heat-sink frame for ultra-high heat dissipation and corrosion protection means this light can take a beating and withstand any condition. The adjustable 360 degrees stand is great to illuminate hard-to-access spots and folds flat for ease of storage.

No more wires! The battery can be charged using AC or charge it in your car on the way to work.

Perfect for anyone in need of a reliable work light including tradies, fishing enthusiasts, campers, DIY projects, and more!


Durable, portable, versatile 


CAMPING LIGHT - its lightweight, easy to carry and readily rechargeable in the car or caravan. FISHING LIGHT - take it with you in the boat as a SAFETY LIGHT. Use it as a SECURITY LIGHT in the event of power failure. Runs continuously off mains supply, so it can be used as a retail store SPOT LIGHT. Plus there is an optional carry-case that's padded and perfect for airline baggage (1.7kg inc. case) and safe damage-free storage for tradesmen.


Limited time only for the introductory price of $79.90 including AC and car charger and 2-year warranty (conditions apply). Carry-case $19.95 extra. Australia-wide shipping only $9.90. Available: red or black only. Customised branding available on request.

CLEARANCE AT COST PRICE $49.83 !!! (case $17.39). Shipping extra.


After full charge, the lamp can light for:

- 3 hours with 100% brightness

- 6 hours with 50% brightness



LED projector 10W CREE light source

Charger 100-240 V 8.4v 1.0 Amp

Charger 12V DC


Helpful facts

Lighting an area of approx. 20 metres

Colors available: Red (shown), Blk (not shown).

4mm thick tempered glass for high-efficiency light transmittance.

10W Work Lamp

(in carry-case)

$139.90 $49.83
NEW Portable LED Work Light