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Serving industry for 39 years

Casio VR7000 15.6"

(Android system)


PROGRAMMED from $396! Mid-range from $539. VR touch-screens $3949 (with 3x "Waiter-Pads" $5269). Cash drawers, printers, scanners, paper rolls & labels. Restaurant, cafe, hotel, fast-food, bakery, fruit & veg, school & hospital canteens and retail scanning systems. Most link to EFT. Low-end SES10; mid-range SES100, SES400 and SEC450 and Bluetooth models SRS500, SRC550 & SRS4000. We also sell & service SAM4S tills. Have you time to program a till? Its harder than you think! We do the grunt and deliver a till that works on the spot. Plus we offer FREE after-sales telephone support.

FINANCE Flexirent, GoGetta, SilverChef, Morris Finance.

BUY LOCAL service is only minutes away and you're also supporting the local economy.

CASIO EPOS feature-packed!  Arrange floor-plans for special bookings. Reservations & customer loyalty apps. Access figures from The Cloud from any PC, anywhere! Post to Facebook or Twitter directly from your till.


CASIO MOBILE ORDERING uses low-cost tablets. Place orders AT THE TABLE. Add-on orders quick & easy. See your floor-plan to view free tables. Print bills on demand. Utilize staff to their full potential. Reduce leg-work, save time and stationery costs. Click brochure.

LOYALTY Casio integrates with IQ Gecko - a loyalty platform delivering customers savings for dollars spent. Download the brochure now!

PAPER ROLLS thin or abrasive coating = flaky print or shorter thermal head life. Bigger core diam = less paper. Pay less, get less! We sell PREMIUM QUALITY ROLLS.

HIRE TILLS (bookings recommended). Insurers may cover hire costs resulting from burglary, flooding etc. Rates from $143.00 per week (all tills fully programmed).

WE DELIVER expertly programmed systems with after-sales support (inc. public holidays). Our programs save time, shorten queues and help you make more money!

SECURITY make sure takings go to your own bank! We can block staff from using No Sale, Void or Refund and provide analysis reporting to monitor this crucial activity.

  Fully programmed - ready from day one 

 NO ongoing fees or endless support contracts 




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Casio VR7000 15.6"

(Android system)

Casio SES3000

(30depts, dual printers)

Casio SEC450

(72-depts, single printer)