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LED and Filament Globes

URI LED Globes

Eclectic - Elegant - Inspiring - Designer - Lighting


URI in Greek means "God's light". URI Earth, Mars, Sun, Venus, or Jupiter. E27 base (B22 to order). 2W warm light (incandescent equivalent 20W). Cafe, restaurant, office, gallery or home. Choice of natural bases available.


URI Globe $199.00 (5 designs) SPECIAL $149.95

Family Set (5) URI globes             DEAL     $649.00


Australia: $10.00. International: ASK FOR A QUOTE. PayPal add $9.00. 24-mth RTB warranty (pay shipping). Amounts = Australian Dollars (AUD) and include GST. We recommend insurance for order values over $100.00.


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Decorative Filament Globes

Beautiful, Meaningful and Profound!


Love Globes, Home, Music, Welcome, Laugh, Relax, Coffee, Smile, Peace and more! 4W filament globe in white, blue or pink. Cafe, restaurant, office or home. Upright E27 (pendant, B22 or E12 special order). A range of beautiful bases too! Corporate designs available.

Price $39.95 each or purchase 2 for $69.90 and receive free shipping. Prices on this page include GST.

URI Designer Lighting