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GRN Bracelet & Controller

Remote Controlled LED Bracelets


SPORTING events, concerts, nightclubs, parties. LED drinking tumblers, LED sunglasses, LED slap bracelets, LED braces and LED submersible lights! Click this link for our COMPREHENSIVE CATALOGUE.

The result is a sea of color


REMOTE CONTROL up to 5000 bracelets. Use in sporting stadiums e.g. 5 controllers = 25,000 bracelets. Activate separate GROUPS e.g. flash team colors when each team scores! Perfect for night games!

7 colors available! Check out our YouTube video:


HEALTH THEMES e.g. PINK for "women's days". Other themes use sporting club colors e.g. Geelong Cats flash alternating Blue/White. Store staff: use for identity. Car park: identify night-time attendants (safety/visibility).


AFFORDABLE e.g. (100 or less) $9.90ea; (100-999) $7.70; (1000+ p.o.a.); RF-controller $149.00. Overprinting is available (MOQ 100pcs). Please note: allow up to (12) weeks for larger quantities. Call us on 03 5248 8881 for stock inquiries. All amounts include GST, customs duties and shipping to Australia. Shipping to your store is extra.



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