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600x600 Blossom1 Panel

600x600 Blossom6 Panel

Hawaii Panel


Spectacular Hubble images for meeting room or home! In stock, immediate delivery (or pickup in Geelong). 600x600, 36W, $399.00 inc. GST (shipping extra). We can produce to your images (note: 4-6 week delivery). Call Ray on 0419522977.

BUSINESS cafe, shop, preschool, hospital canteen, gym, office, dentist (e.g. ceiling). Highlight dark spots with our Blue Sky & Sun panels. 600x600, 36W, $199.00. In stock.

HOME trips, revered pets, sporting snaps: family room or man cave. Tile into larger configurations with supplied RAW images. Square, trapezoid round or oval. Indoor, outdoor - even fully immersible. Ask for a quote!

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Universe Panel13

Universe Panel12

Universe Panel10

Universe Panel11

Universe Panel4

Universe Panel2

Universe Panel1

Heic1007a Panel

Universe Panel5

Universe Panel6

Universe Panel3

Universe Panel7



Sun & Cloud Mural

600x600 Food3 Panel

600x600 Bamboo Panel

Juice Bar Panel

600x600 Food1 Panel

600x600 Fish2 Panel

600x600 Blossom6 Panel

600x600 Food6 Panel

1200x1200 Coral Panel

1200x1200 Nature Panel

1200x1200 Sea Life Panel

Universe Panel8

1800x3000 Nature Panel

1200x3000 Nature Panel

Universe Panel9

Japan1 Panel

Japan Food Panel

Japan2 Panel

600x600 Kebabs Panel

Gymnasium1 Roof Panels

Milford Sound Panel

Japan Volcano Panel

Hong Kong Panel