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600x600 Blossom1 Panel

600x600 Blossom5 Panel

Iceberg Panel

600x600 Blossom6 Panel

600x600 Menu Panel

Heic0515a Panel

Hawaii Panel


Featuring integrated UV-printed images. Use in store, office or home. 595x595 fit narrow grid drop ceilings. Also 300x1200 or 600x1200. Wall mount or suspend from ceiling. Round or trapezoid shapes by special order. There are also outdoor all-weather or indoor bathroom or kitchen splash-back types.

BUSINESS hotel, retail, preschool, hospital canteen, gym, office, dentist (ceiling). Light up dark places in the home or office with our budget-price Sun & Cloud panels.

RESIDENTIAL family, holiday, pets or sporting snaps for the rumpus or family room.

LIFE-SIZED 1190x1785 (2x3 panels). Can be "tiled" into larger arrays. Supply your own files and ask for a quote. Resolution at least 4K or preferably 8K e.g. RAW images. See samples below (note not all may suit tiling and some images may be out-of-date).

MEGA WALL 595x595 blocks of up to 10x10m. Wall or ceiling installation e.g. gymnasium. CE & SAA approved drivers. Panels consume 36W so running costs are low. Life rating: 50,000 hours.

MORE proximity sensor (on/off) and remote-control color-temperature adjustable panels (2700K-6500K). IP65 (water-proof) - ideal for bathrooms and kitchen splash-backs and IP67 (fully-immersible) models!

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600x600 Fish1 Panel

600x600 Fish2 Panel

600x600 Blossom2 Panel

600x600 Coral Panel

600x600 Blossom6 Panel

600x600 Food3 Panel

Juice Bar Panel

Sun & Cloud Mural

600x600 Sunflower2 Panel

600x600 Bamboo Panel

600x600 Blossom3 Panel

600x600 Blossom4 Panel



600x600 Parrots Panel

600x600 Tiger Panel

Koala Panel

Heic0515a Panel

600x600 Food1 Panel

600x600 Food2 Panel

600x600 Food4 Panel

600x600 Food6 Panel

1200x1200 Coral Panel

1200x1200 Fall Panel

1200x1200 Nature Panel

1200x1200 Sea Life Panel

1800x3000 Nature Panel

1200x3000 Nature Panel

Japan1 Panel

Japan Food Panel

Japan2 Panel

600x600 Kebabs Panel

Gymnasium1 Roof Panels

Milford Sound Panel

Japan Volcano Panel

Hong Kong Panel