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Ohaus VALOR 1000

Ohaus VALOR (wet area) scale

Ohaus VALOR 3000


FREIGHT (Platform, Pallet, Postal). SCIENTIFIC (Laboratory, Precision). FOOD (Preparation, Retail).

DOWNLOAD Ohaus Trade or CAS Trade catalogues (GST & shipping extra; subject to change without notice).

FREIGHT Defender 2000, IP65 load cell (150kg, 400x500 SS platform under $600). Defender 3000, IP67, 550x420 SS platform. Defender 5000 multi-function industrial SS IP67 wash-down (600kg, 600x800). See this Defender 5000 Video. Portable pallet scales:

SCIENTIFIC Ohaus Scout series. Resolutions to 0.001g - ideal for education or laboratory. Interested in analytical and precision balances? See this Ohaus Scout Video. Ohaus Adventurer (0.1mg) and Explorer (0.01mg) are for you! See this Ohaus Explorer Video.

FOOD safe wash-down build for demanding commercial applications. Stainless-steel housing and platform; safe to use in wet environments, Valor 4000 has a flow-thru design which ensures the scale remains clean and operational with a knife-resistant keypad for durability.  Are you in food preparation? See this Valor 4000 Video. There is a just-released non-wash-down version. See this Valor 1000 V12P Video. STOP PRESS!! Fully immersible IP68 and IP69 food preparation & portioning scale. Weigh it - Spray it !! See this Defender 6000 Video. Free shipping in the Geelong region!

LABORATORY moisture analyzers, conductivity & PH meters, centrifuges, homogenizers, shakers, vortex mixers, dry-block heaters, hotplates and stirrers.

SUSPENDING Salter 235 clockface mechanical scales (10kg, 25kg and 100kg) and AHS digital hanging scales (30kg, 60kg, 150kg and 300kg). Ask for a brochure today or call 0419 522977 for more details.


AHS Digital Hanging Scale

Salter 235 clockface scales