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Ohaus VALOR scale

Ohaus VALOR (wet area) scale

Ohaus VALOR 3 stainless steel scale


RETAIL place produce on scale; enter a $/kilogram rate (total amount is computed for till-entry). Check-weighing: set target weight e.g. 1kg and over/under range e.g. 10g. Flashes red =over or under or green =within target range.  Alternatively a buzzer sounds or a solenoid-gate triggers.

COMMERCIAL platforms to 600x800. Stainless-steel for heavy-duty. Pallet 1250x1250 3000kg NMI verifiable. "Live-weigh" models average multiple measurements and freeze the display for accurate jitter-free readings.

FOOD safe wash-down build for demanding commercial applications. Stainless-steel housing and platform; safe to use in wet environments, Valor 4000's flow-thru design ensures the scale remains clean and operational with a knife-resistant keypad for durability.

SCIENTIFIC 0.01mg - a hundred thousandth of a gram! Units: oz, troy oz, carats, grains, taels etc.

LABORATORY moisture analyzers, conductivity & PH meters, centrifuges, homogenisers, shakers, vortex mixers, dry-block heaters, hotplates and stirrers.

BRANDS Ohaus, CAS and Salter.  Download or view the Ohaus Trade Price Book or the CAS Trade Price Book. Please note amounts exclude GST and shipping is extra. Retail scales subject to NMI and/or programming fees. When you ~ ahem ~ weigh it up, we take the weight off your shoulders with the right solution!


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