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Circular LED Poster

LED Posters

Printed banners abound. But making changes are not possible and they lose impact in poor lighting conditions.


LED posters create spontaneity. They're dynamic, change in the blink of an eye and run videos. Link them to create a mega-wall e.g. window display/theater stage backdrop. Wi-Fi (mobile), Internet/4G (head office), Ethernet (PC) or USB drive update.Turn on or off at predetermined times. Sizes 512x1024 to 768x1920. Click> LED POSTER VIDEO.


LED posters are available from 480mm diameter (single or double-sided). Click> LED CIRCULAR POSTER VIDEO.

Sick of replacing shelf price labels? So, update from PC! Lengths of 512, 640, 768, 896 or 1024mm (64h x 35d). Click> LED SHELF DISPLAY VIDEO.


LED posters - ideal for floor, window or wall. Suspension, tilt-bracket or lock-caster stand. Put round LED posters in a shopping mall to identify your store from a distance. Use 500x500 modules for LED menus e.g. Fish & Chips. Handy for seasonal items. Why wait for a sign-writer? Instantly update prices. Mouth-watering food images! Low power and long-life guaranteed.


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Hit the ground running with a LED poster!


LED Poster 768x1920

LED Poster Window Display

Circular LED Poster

LED Poster5